Rim Assembly Machine Seal Ring Lock Flange Rim Group
6S4848 910 4K4879 7K3658 8W9591 N/A
7K8758 920 4K4879 4K4881 8W9594 N/A
7V5177 920 2D2565 2D2566 2D2567 7V5178
7V5210 930 2D2565 2D2654 8W9566 N/A
6C0898 936 4K4879 4K4881 8W9576 N/A
4K5851 950 2D2443 2D5272 N/A 1V7445
4K4909 950 4K4879 4K4881 4K4907 4K4908
1842309 120G, 130G 2D2565 2D2654 8W9566 9D5900
8X1160 120H, 135H, 140H N/A N/A N/A N/A
1233420 12H, 120H N/A N/A N/A N/A
6G1528 12H, 120H, 140G 4K4879 4K4881 8W9594 N/A
2520098 12H, 12M, 120M, 140M N/A N/A N/A N/A
N/A 12H, 14H, 16H 4K4879 4K4881 N/A 1426232
2901505 12M, 120M, 140M N/A 2D2654 8W9566 2901505
2520100 12M, 120M, 160M N/A N/A N/A N/A
2G5744 130G, 140G 2D2565 2D2566 8W9587 5T8234
6G1527 140M, 160M N/A 4K4881 8W9582 N/A
1850050 14H 2D2565 2D2654 8W9566 N/A
2899726 160M N/A 4K4881 8W9594 N/A
1635709 725, 730 N/A 7D7469 1J8387 1635709
2248809 725, 730 N/A 7D7469 2087472 N/A
1396938 740, D350E N/A 7D7469 5K4865 N/A
1155172 824G, 980G 2D2443 7D7469 4F8925 N/A
3304103 824G, 980G/K 2D2443 7D7469 5K4865 1104603
7K3913 910, 920 4K4879 7K3658 8W9591 1V7344
8R5825 924G, 930G N/A N/A N/A N/A
2531691 924H, 928H N/A 4K4881 1718689 N/A
4V2135 926E/F 4K4879 4K4881 8W9594 4V2135
1022131 928G, 930G 4K4879 4K4881 8X9925 N/A
8R3223 928G, 930G N/A 4K4881 8W9576 N/A
9K5780 930T 4K4879 4K4881 8W9594 N/A
2522161 938G, IT38G N/A 4K4881 1718689 2522161
1026222 938G/F 4K4879 4K4881 8W9576 1197454
2707829 938H N/A 4K4881 1718689 N/A
5V2937 950B 3D2824 4K4881 8W9604 N/A
5C9287 950E/B 2D2443 2D5272 1J8387 N/A
2069271 950G, 962H 2D2443 7D7469 2087472 2069278
8R1465 950G, 966G/H, 972G N/A 7D7469 4F8925 N/A
1312778 950G/H, 962G N/A 7D7469 1J8387 N/A
3V4404 966C/R 2D2443 2D5272 1J8387 N/A
2069272 966H, 972H 2D2443 7D7469 2087473 N/A
6W4536 980C, 980F 2D2443 7D7469 4F8925 N/A
8V3550 980C, 980F 2D2443 7D7469 5K4865 N/A
1104604 980G, 980H 2D2443 7D7469 5K4865 1104604

Backhoe Wheels

Part No. Description Machine
1124411 REAR 416B, 420D, 426C
1350786 FRONT 416C, 416D
1956341 FRONT 416E, 420E, 430E
1956344 REAR 416E, 420E, 430E
1956345 REAR RH 428F, 432F, 442E
1956348 REAR 422E, 424B, 428E
2026186 FRONT 432E, 420F
2713042 REAR 420D, 424D
2713050 REAR 424D, 428D
4626421 REAR 428F, 432F, 434E
9R0315 FRONT 416, 428
9R1572 FRONT 428C

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.