Roller Bearings for Komatsu®

Roller Bearings for Komatsu

At CTP we have a wide range of Bearings for Komatsu® available in stock. Most Komatsu Tapered, Cylindrical and Spherical roller bearings feature case-carburized components. Rings and rollers are made from case-hardened alloy steel of “Bearing Quality” to provide superior fatigue life and reliability. No matter what you are looking for, CTP has you covered with the proper fit for your application.

Ball Bearings:

Most widely used bearings for high precision applications such as aerospace, agriculture, construction and industrial. Ball bearings consist of an inner and outer ring with a cage containing precision balls. We carry Radial Ball bearings and Angular Contact Ball bearings.

Spherical Roller Bearings:

Designed for extremely severe applications that must support high loads, contaminated environments, shocks, and vibrations. We carry Stamped Steel Cage and Machined Brass Cage designs to suit your applications. These bearings feature the industry’s highest load rating: a full 18% higher than a standard spherical roller bearing offering a 75% extension of service life.

Tapered Roller Bearings:

Consist of 4 interdependent components: the cone, or inner ring; the cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers; and the cage, or roller retainer. The taper angles allow the bearing to handle a combination of radial and thrust loads. The greater the cup angle, the greater its thrust load handling capacity.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

Cylindrical roller bearings have rollers that provide a modified line contact with the cylindrical inner and outer ring raceways, while the rollers are guided by ground ribs. The cylindrical shape allows the inner ring to have axial movement relative to the outer ring. This allows thermal expansion, where both rings must be press-fitted.

Needle Roller Bearings:

Needle bearings feature a smaller cross-section, higher load-carrying capacity, greater rigidity, and lower inertia forces that facilitate size and weight reductions in machinery. They are designed to withstand oscillation and perform under severe conditions. Needle roller and cage assemblies are offered in single or double row, full complement or the caged versions, solid or split cage, metric and inch sizes.

Roller Bearings for Komatsu

wdt_ID Part No Description Application
1 06002-30310 BEARING, ROLLER KOMATSU D61E, D61EX, D61PX, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D68ESS, D70LE, D85E, D85ESS, FD35/40, FD35Z/40Z, FD45, FD50/60, FD50A, FD50E/60E, FD60, FD70, FD70E, FD80, FG35/40, FG35Z/40Z, FG45, FG50/60, FG50A, FG70
2 06002-32026 BEARING, ROLLER KOMATSU D375A, F4EC, F5EC, F6EC, FD100, FD115, FD135, FD150E, FD160E, HD460, HD680, HD780, HD785
3 144-15-22810 BEARING, ROLLER KOMATSU D40A, D40AM, D40F, D40P, D40PF, D40PL, D40PLL, D41A, D41E, D41P, D65A, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D75A, D85E, D85ESS, WA420
4 145-27-41221 CYLINDRICAL BEARING, ROLLER KOMATSU BF60, D60A, D60E, D60F, D60P, D60PL, D60S, D65A, D65E, D65P, D65S, D70, D70LE, D75A, D75S, PC200, PC220, PC300
5 14X-27-11721 BEARING, KOMATSU D60P, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D65WX, D70LE, D85E, D85ESS
6 170-09-13250 BEARING, ROLLER KOMATSU D135A, D150A, D155A, D155C, D155S, D155W, D80A, D80E, D80P, D85A, D85C, D85E, D85P
7 20Y-26-22330 BEARING, KOMATSU BP500, HB205, HB215, PC200, PC200CA, PC228, PC228US
8 20Y-26-22340 BEARING, KOMATSU BP500, HB205, HB215, PC200, PC200CA, PC228, PC228US
9 20Y-26-22430 BEARING, KOMATSU HB205, HB215, PC200, PC210
10 20Y-26-22440 BEARING, KOMATSU HB205, HB215, PC200, PC210

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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