Sea Water Pumps

Sea Water Pumps

Our new Heavy Duty Marine pumps are manufactured specifically for marine diesel engine cooling applications. The pumps are engineered with the best materials in the industry to withstand the harsh marine environment. Our quality pumps are designed to provide years of service with little or no maintenance.

  • Coated seals extend seal longevity and durability
  • Stainless steel shafts assemblies provide superior strength and durability
  • High-quality bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated for greater durability and long life
  • Thoroughly tested for reliable, leak-free performance
wdt_ID Model EdgeThickness in EdgeThickness mm Stinger  Arrangement Center Stinger  Arrangement End Bolts Per Edge Nuts Per Edge
1 613B, 613C, 613G 0.88 22 4T6611 4T6613 4F7827 (15) 2J3506 (15)
2 615, 615C 0.88 22 9W5807 N/A 4J9058 (17) 2J3507 (17)
3 621B, 621E, 621F, 627B, 627E, 627F 1.12 28 4T2896 4T6380 3J2801 (14) 2J3507 (14)
4 621B, 621E, 621F, 627B, 627E, 627F 0.88 22 4T6568 4T6612 3J2801 (14) 2J3507 (14)
5 623B, 623E, 623F, J619, J621 0.88 22 4T2887 4T6612 4F4042 (20) 2J3507 (20)
6 623B, 623E, 623F, J619, J621 1.12 28 4T2895 4T6380 4F4042 (20) 2J3507 (20)
7 631D, 631E, 637D, 637E 1.12 28 4T3444 4T6378 4F4042 (16) 2J3507 (16)
8 631D, 631E, 637D, 637E 0.88 22 4T6566 4T6614 4F4042 (16) 2J3507 (16)
9 631D, 631E, 637D, 637E 1.38 35 9J4369 9W6092 4F4042 (16) 2J3507 (16)
10 631D, 631E, 637D, 637E 1.62 41 9J5899 7J2959 4F4042 (16) 2J3507 (16)

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.


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