3165981 – WASHER

3165981 – WASHER

The 3165981 WASHER |spring base|, specially designed for 3500 series cylinder heads, is crafted from hardened steel to deliver enhanced stability and protection. Its dual-purpose design serves to keep the base of the spring securely in place, preventing lateral movement, while also acting as a protective barrier to shield the cylinder head from potential wear caused by contact with the spring.

Key Features:

  • Hardened Steel Construction: Crafted from hardened steel, the 3165981 WASHER |spring base| offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding conditions.
  • Enhanced Stability: The washer’s design is optimized to keep the base of the spring securely in place, minimizing lateral movement and maintaining precise alignment within the cylinder head assembly.
  • Protective Barrier: By acting as a protective barrier, the washer prevents direct contact between the spring and the cylinder head, reducing the risk of wear and prolonging the life of critical engine components.
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Benefits of the 3165981 WASHER |spring base|:

  • Improved Engine Performance: Ensure stable and precise spring alignment for optimal engine performance and reliability.
  • Extended Component Lifespan: Protect the cylinder head from potential wear, contributing to longer-lasting engine components and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with 3500 series cylinder heads, the washer offers a seamless fit and reliable performance.

Upgrade your 3500 series engine with the stability and protection provided by the 3165981 WASHER |spring base|. Experience enhanced performance, durability, and peace of mind knowing that your engine components are well-protected and optimized for efficiency.



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