Our CTP Solenoids are incredibly versatile and useful. Offering long service and value, they generate an essentially uniform magnetic field when currents run through it and convert electric current to mechanical action, providing a simple means to generate a strong magnetic field. They make a great fit for applications that require immediate action.

Semi Solid Solenoids

CTP Semi-Solid Solenoids extend the life of your starting motors by:
• Providing better contact weld breaking force
• Reducing stuck contact failures by low system voltage

Part No.EngineStarting Motor
9X03013116, 31262071517
3E78593116, 3126, C71504247, 1068559
9X03323208, 3304, 33063T6305, 3T2371
37643533304, 3306B, C7, C9, C13, C152071545, 2071551, 2071556, 2071560
25082793508, 3516, G3508, C162371962, 2071556
25082793508B, 3512, 3516B, 3412C2071562, 1068554
2068784C7, 3116, 3126/B2049742, 2071516, 2071517, 2071519
1938570C7, C9, 3406C, 3412E2071551, 2071556
9X0332C9, C12, C15, C163383454
3383453C13, C153383454

Semi Solid Solenoids

The starter solenoid receives a large electric current from the battery and a small electric current from the ignition switch.

Part No.EngineStarting Motor
3T50453406, 3304, 33063T2879, 3T2654, 3T3154, 3T2661, 3T2655
3T50683208, G35167T9255, 3T2657, 3T8635
3T86353304, 3306, G34129G4338, 6T0640, 3T4582

Fuel Shutoff Solenoids

Fuel shut-off solenoids often are used on diesel engines to interrupt fuel flow from the injection fuel pump when the ignition is switched off. On start-up of the engine, a solenoid pull-in coil must be temporarily activated to turn on the solenoid.

Part No.DescriptionEngine Model
1727209SOLENOID A3034
6N9988SOLENOID G 12V3208
1255771SOLENOID A12V 3116, 3126
1255772SOLENOID A24V 3116, 3126
7W6249SOLENOID3054, C4.4
1766219SOLENOID3054C, C4.4
5I8008SOLENOID3064, 3066
1554651SOLENOID A3116, 3126
1554652SOLENOID A3116, 3126
1554653SOLENOID3304, 3306
1023506SOLENOID A3304, 3306, 3412B
1255774SOLENOID A3406B
1255773SOLENOID G3406C
9X1413SOLENOID A3408B, 3412
6N9987SOLENOID GR 24V613C, 3208
1106465SOLENOID972G, 3306

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only