Spacer Plates

Spacer Plates

CTP’s new replacement engine block plates are designed to offer precise fit and durability during engine rebuilds. Replacing the engine block plate is crucial to ensure the correct liner projection, which is vital for maintaining optimal engine compression and performance. Accurate liner projection ensures proper sealing of the combustion chamber, preventing potential issues such as compression leaks, oil leaks, reduced engine efficiency, and premature wear. By using high-quality replacement plates, like those from CTP, mechanics can achieve the exact specifications required for reliable and long-lasting engine rebuilds.

CTP has many new spacer plates available in stock.

wdt_ID Part No. Description Engine Application
1 1106994 PLATE-SPACER 3508, 3508B, 3508C, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, 3516C 5130, 5130B, 5230, 5230B, 776C, 776D, 777, 777B, 777C, 777D, 784B, 784C, 785, 785B, 785C, 785D, 789, 789B, 789C, 793B, 793C, 793D, 797, 797B
2 1389381 PLATE-SPACER 3406E, C15, C18 836, 836K
3 2253100 PLATE-SPACER 3412, 3412C, 3412D, 3412E 24H, 5110B, 651E, 657E, 773B, 773D, 773E, 773F, 773G, 773G LRC, 773G OEM, 775B, 775D, 775E, 775F, 775G, 775G LRC, 775G OEM, 777C, 777D, 777F, 777G, 844, 844H, 844K, 854K
4 2603904 PLATE-SPACER 3512B, 3512C TH48-E80
5 6I2981 PLATE-SPACER 3406, 3406B, 3406C, G3406 16G, 16H NA, 245D, 375, 375 L, 5080, 578, 583R, 587R, 621E, 621F, 623E, 623F, 627E, 627F, 814B, 824G, 825G, 826C, 826G, 980C, 980F, 980G, D350E, D400E, D8N, D8R, D8R II
6 6I4421 PLATE-SPACER 3406E, 3456, C15, C18 24M, 365C, 365C L, 365C L MH, 374D L, 374F L, 385B, 385C, 385C FS, 385C L, 385C L MH, 390D, 390D L, 390F L, 5090B, 583T, 587T, 621B, 621G, 623G, 627F, 627G, 631D, 631E, 631G, 633E II, 637
7 6I4613 PLATE-SPACER 3408, 3408B, 3408C, 3408E, G3408 589, 631D, 631E, 631G, 633E II, 637E, 637G, 657E, 69D, 769C, 769D, 771C, 771D, 834B, 836, 988B, 988F, 988F II, AD40, AD45, AE40, AE40 II, CG137-08, D8L, D9N, D9R
8 7N3032 PLATE-SPACER D353C, G353D D9G, D9H
9 7N3352 PLATE-SPACER D342, G342C 583K, D8K
10 7N7998 PLATE-SPACER 3306, 3306B, 3306C 12G, 12H, 12H ES, 12H NA, 140G, 140H, 140H ES, 140H NA, 143H, 14G, 14H NA, 160G, 160H, 160H ES, 160H NA, 163H NA, 1673C, 235, 235B, 330, 330 L, 330B, 330B L, 350, 528B, 530B

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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