Track Adjuster Recoil Springs are the most critical and hardest working components of a tractor undercarriage system. Recoil springs must constantly maintain the proper track tension, to avoid premature wear and extend the life
expectancy of the track and idler systems. For this reason, CTP guarantees its recoil springs provide the correct tension at all times, in all extreme working conditions!

Part No. Application
2154119 330C, 330DL
2394323 330D, 336E
1941253 336D, 340F, 521B
1156368 345B, 330C
7Y1874 350, 350L
5K2754 933,  941B,  D4,  D4D
8Y2735 933, D3C, D4G
7K0639 941, 941B, D4, D4D
5K6262 955, 955K
1V7785 955L, 955K
2S7567 977, 977K, 46H, 76H
2V7439 D4E
2V7440 D4E
2V7441 D4E
2V9035 D5,  D5B,  951B
3P1465 D5, D5D, D6B
8Y6659 D5C, 939, 939C, D5
8G4958 D5H
3P1459 D6,  D6C,  D7E
2261340 D6RII, D6T
5H9474 D7, D8
3P1885 D7E
2P9666 D8, D8H
2P9665 D8H,  D8K,  583H,  594
7T4616 D8N,  D8R,  D8T,  583,  587R
3P4434 D9E, D9H, 594, 594H, 943, 953, 953C
0990166 E120B, 311B, 313B
0964269 E200B,  EL200B
Part No. Application
9V9408 225, 235
1017880 232, 322BL, 322C, 322L, 325BL, 325C
7V1111 235,  235B,  235C
8K2082 235, 235D
8K4102 235C,  235D,  245,  245B
1686690 311C, 312C, 314C
2394376 311C, 312C, 314C
2487194 311D, 312E, 314E
1028139 312, 315, 317
1880904 312C, 312CL
1792993 315C
2394377 315C
2394350 315D
1453036 318C
7Y1606 320, 320L, E200
7Y0631 320, 325, 325L
1156427 320B, 320B L
1941231 320C, 321C
1793004 320C, 322C, 325C
2394339 320C, 325C
7I7717 322, 322B, 322L
1764882 322C
2394358 322C
2394369 324D, 324E, 326D
1941244 324D, 325D, 329D
1941220 325C, 330C
4I7401 330, 330L
1309295 330BL, 330C, 350, 350L, 532, 541
1793035 330C

*Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only