Track Adjuster Recoil Springs are the most critical and hardest working components of a tractor undercarriage system. The recoil springs are the shock absorbers that protect the undercarriage from impacts and overload. The recoil springs prevent premature wear and extends the life of the track and idler systems. For this reason, CTP guarantees that our recoil springs will provide shock absorbance at all times, in all extreme working conditions!


Part No.Application
0990166311, 311B, 311C, 312, 312B, 312B L, 313B, E110B, E120B
10178801090, 1190, 1190T, 1390, 2290, 2390, 322B L, 322C, 322C FM, 324D FM, 325 L, 325B L, 325C, 325C FM, 325C L, 511, 521, OEMS, TK711, TK721, TK741
1028139311, 311B, 312, 312B, 315, 315B, 315B L, 317
1156368330C, 330C FM, 345B, 345B II, 345B II MH, 345B L
1156427318B, 320B, 320B L
1309295307B, 307C, 307D, 307E, 308C, 308E
1453036315C, 318C, 319C, 320C
1686690311C, 312C L, 314C
1793004320C, 320C FM, 322C FM, 325C
1793035330C, 330C L
1941220325C, 330C L
1941231318C, 320C, 320C L, 321C
1941244323D LN, 323D SA, 324D FM, 324D FM LL, 325D, 325D L, 329D, 329D L, 329D LN
1941253325D FM, 325D FM LL, 330D FM, 330D L, 330D MH, 336D L, 336D LN, 340D L, 340D2 L, 345C, 345C L, 345C MH, 345D, 345D L, 345D L VG, 349D, 349D L, 521B, 568 FM LL
2154119330C, 330D, 330D L, 336D L, 336D LN, 336E, 345D, 349D L
2261340D6R, D6R II, D6R III, D6T, D6T LGP, D6T LGPPAT, D6T XL
2394323328D LCR, 330D, 330D L, 330D LN, 336D, 336D L, 336D LN, 336D2, 336D2 L, 336E, 336E H, 336E HVG, 336E L, 336E LH, 336E LN, 336F L
2394339320C, 325C
2394350315D L
2394369324D, 324D L, 324D LN, 324E, 324E L, 324E LN, 326D L
2394376311C, 312C L, 314C
2394377311C, 315C
2398240D6K, D6K LGP, D6K XL, D6K2, D6K2 LGP, PL61
2487138313D2 LGP, 315D L, 316E L, 318D L, 318D2 L
2487194311D LRR, 311F LRR, 312D, 312D L, 312D2, 312D2 GC, 312D2 L, 312E, 312E L, 313D, 313D2, 314D CR, 314D LCR, 314E CR, 314E LCR
2518609D5R LGP, D6M, D6N, D6N LGP, D6N
2540623D3K XL, D3K2 LGP, D4K XL, D4K2 XL
1V7785955K, 955L
2P9665583K, 594, 594H, D8H, D8K
2P9666583K, D8H, D8K
2V7439941, D4D, D4E
2V7440D4D, D4E, D4E SR
2V7441941, D4D, D4E, D4E SR
2V7442941, D4D, D4E
2V9035951B, D5B
3P1459963, D6C, D6D, D6E, D6E SR, D6G, D6G SR, D6G2 LGP, D6G2 XL
3P1465951B, D5, D5B, D5E
3P1885227, 571G, 572G, 973, 977K, 977L, D7F, D7G, D7G2
3P4434594, 594H, 953, 953B, 953C, D9G, D9H
4I7401330, 330 FM L, 330 L, 330B, 330B L
5H9474977D, 977H
5I4533307, 307B, PM-465
5K2754941, D3, D3B, D3C, D4C III, D4D, D4E
5K6262955K, 955L
7I7717322, 322 FM L, 322B, 322B L, 322B LN
7K0639941, D4D
7T3926D10N, D10R, D10T, D10T2, D9L
7T4616583R, 583T, 587R, 587T, D8N, D8R, D8R II, D8T, PL83, PL87
7T5352D9N, D9R, D9T
7Y0631320 L, 320B, 320B FM LL, 322B L, 325, 325 L, 325 LN, 325B, 325B L
7Y1606315B FM L, 317B LN, 318B, 320 L, 320N
7Y1874330, 330 FM L, 330B L, 330C FM, 330C L, 330C MH, 350
8G4958D5H, D5H XL, D5HTSK II
8Y2735931C, 931C II, 933, 933C, D3B, D3C, D3C II, D3C III, D3G, D4C, D4C II, D4C III, D4G, PM-201, PM-565, PM-565B
8Y6659939, 939C, D5C, D5C III, D5G
9V9408215B, 225, 227, FB221

Recoil Springs for Komatsu®

Part No.Application
134-30-63162D61E, D61EX, D61PX, D68ESS
14Z-30-31111D60P, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D65WX, D85E, D85ESS
206-30-22130BR380JG, HB215, PC200, PC220, PC228, PC228US, PC240
206-30-22140HB205, HB215, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC228, PC228US, PC240
206-30-55172BP500, BR300S, BR350JG, BR380JG, PC200, PC200SC, PC210, PC220, PC228, PC228US, PC228UU
206-30-72111BR480RG, PC200, PC200LL, PC220, PC240
207-30-54140BR550JG, CD110R, D60P, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D70LE, D85E, D85ESS, PC250, PC250HD, PC270, PC300, PC300SC, PC310, PC340, PC350
207-30-74142430FX, 430FXL, BR550JG, BR580JG, PC220LL, PC270, PC290, PC300, PC308, PC350, XT430
208-30-74140445FXL, 450FXL, PC300, PC300HD, PC350HD, PC390, PC400, PC450, PC490, PC550, XT445L, XT450L
20Y-30-42130HB205, PC160, PC200

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only. Komatsu® is the registered trademark of Komatsu Ltd.