The Deutsch™ HD (Heavy Duty) Connector series was developed with the heavy-duty equipment and off highway industry
in mind. HD Series connectors are a thermoplastic cylindrical coupling that offers arrangements from 3 to 9 cavities for
heavy-duty applications. These connectors are easy to install, environmentally sealed and compact in size. They are
a simple, field serviceable alternative to a repair splice. The simplicity of the HD Series Connectors help reduce assembly
difficulty, maintenance time, and are built to meet industry standards to provide sustainability in demanding environments.

The HD Series Connector Features:

-Durability – No electrical or mechanical defects after 100 cycles of engagement or disengagement.
– Moisture & Corrosion Resistance – Water does not penetrate seals when submerged in 3 feet of water.
No evidence of corrosion after exposure to 48 hours of salt spray testing.
Fluid Resistance – Connector show no damage when exposed to most fluids used in industrial applications.
Vibration – Maintains continuity and exhibits no mechanical or physical damage during or while subject
to vibration.