Threadlocking compounds are used to seal and lock fastener such as nuts & bolts to prevent loosening over time due to vibrations. Threadlocking compounds are anaerobic in design, in other words the compound will harden with little or no air exposure. This means that the compound will harden and lock the fastener in place even between the threads or in a blind hole type assembly. Threadlocking compounds also protect the fastener from rust extending its life where the compound is covering metal.

Ease of use: a small amount of threadlocking compound should be applied on the threads of a bolt prior to installation. Once dry, the adhesive forms a bond that will hold the fastener assembly in place even when exposed to constant vibrations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Red 1550695 Heavy-duty strength; permanent assembly
  • Blue 9S3263 Medium strength; removable
  • Prevents loosening of metal fasteners caused by vibrations
  • Protects threads
  • Prevents rusting of threads