CTP offers premium performance track adjusters that will ensure optimum shock absorbance and will provide proper tension.

Features and Benefits
• Reduces the risk of compressing and releasing the spring.
• Easy to change, even at a construction site.
• Extremely minimized down time.
• Saves time and money.

The Quality
• Researched, designed, and developed using superior durability materials and state-of-the-art techniques.
• Maximum durability in extremely tough conditions.
• Fully inspected for the best quality and best performance.

ApplicationAdjuster As.Spring Gr.Spring Gr. w/ Plate
320, 320-L, 320-N10281657Y1602
330B, 330B-L7Y14577Y0773
330B, 330B-L29791432979142
319D, 319D-L, 319D-LN, 320D, 320D-L, 323D-L2394390239438923943882394387
318C, 320C, 320C-L, 321C194125719412291941260
320C, 325C, 320C-L1792997
318C, 319C, 320C, 321C145302914530281453039
320, 320 325/B/L1309292
320, 320 L, 320N12251361225135
318B, 320B, 320B-L, 320B-N1156425115642411564231156422
330C, 345B1156365
322, 322B L1028167
ApplicationAdjuster As. w/ Plate WarningSpring Gp.
311, 311B, 321, 312B, 312B L, 313B4I73384I7342
320B S, 320 N, 322 L, 325, 325B L, 325, 325B L, 325 L, 325LN7Y0720, 7Y07211309292
322C, 323D S, 324D FM, 324D FMLL, 325, 325C, 325C L, 325D, 325D L, 329D, 329D L1792998
330, 330B L, 330B LN, 330 L, 330 LN7Y14577Y0773
330B L, 330C, 330D, 330D MH, 330 L, 345B, 345B ll, 345B L, 345C, 345C L, 345D L,
350/L, 532, 541, 551, 552, TK1051, TK741, TK751, TK752
320B S, 320B LL, 322B L/C/L, 324D FM, 325/B/B L, 511, 522, 541, TK711, TK72210281091309292
325D, 325D L, 325D FMLL, 328D LCR, 330C/C L, 330D/D L, 336D / D L17930431793033

Other Availible Part No.

ApplicationPart No.
312B, 315B, 3301309332
320B S, 320 N, 322 L, 325, 325B L, 325, 325B L, 325 L, 325LN1028114
312, 315, 315L, 3171028117
D6H, D6H LGP7G5526
311C, 312C, 314C1686684
324D/E, 326D/F2394373
322C, 322C L1941127
322C, 325C/D, 328D, 329D, 330C/D, 335F, 336D/E/F, 340F2979151
330, 330L7Y1458