Valve springs are one of the most critical and most overlooked components in an engine. Valve springs play an
important role in controlling the breathing in a diesel engine. The valves open mechanically by a camshaft, and are
closed by the tension of the valve springs. When considering that a typical diesel engine valve is opening and closing
hundreds of millions of times during its life cycle, it is imperative that valve springs be replaced during the next
overhaul to attain the best performance from your engine. Improper selection of the valve spring is one of the most
common causes of engine failure. Your CTP salesperson can ensure that you obtain the proper valve springs for your
engine. CTP has the most complete selection of high quality valvetrain components in the industry.

CTP Valve Springs

Inner SpringOuter SpringEngine Model
7C42736I23073114, 3116, 3126
9P30417G48423116, 3304, 3306, 3406, 3508, 3516
7N19037N19043508, 3512, 3516/B
316597731659763508/B/C, 3512/B/C, 3516/B/C
194490231659763508B, 3512, 3516/B/C, G3520C
101117710111803508B, 3512B, 3516/B
1W17491W17483608, G3606, G3612, 3616, C280-12
22444413322152C11, C13, C15, 3176/C
21131222479908C15, C18, C27, C32
14061881376718C7, 3126/B
19061151906117C9, C9.3
24183862418385C9, C9.3
4F54094F5408D342, D353/E, D375, D398 & G398
9M53499M5350D398/B & G398/B, D342, D379B, D399

Other Valve Springs available:

Part No.Engine Model
5I77213064, 3066
5I77403064, 3066
1W42593204, 3208
7S71443304, 3306
1535558C1.1, C2.2, 3013, 3014
2255496C4.4, 3054//C/E
2768132C6.6, C7.1
2S4213D343, 3116, 3126B
1597303D346, D348, D349
4N5906G3408, 3406/B, 3408, 3412/C/E