Frame Assemblies

CTP Frame Assemblies are built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces on the machine even in the harshest environments. They are made with high quality steel castings to increase the strength of the main case.

We stock the pins, bolts and seals that go with the frame assemblies. Please ask your sales representative for more information.

Sliding Frame Assemblies

Part No.DescriptionMachine
2010582FRAME AS424D, 428D, 432D, 438D, 442D
2923274FRAME AS422E, 428E, 432E, 434E, 442E, 444E
3223770FRAME AS422F, 422F2, 428F, 428F2, 432F, 444E/F

Swing Frame Assemblies

Part No.DescriptionMachine
2366954**FRAME AS416D, 420D, 424D, 428D, 432D, 438D
3155384FRAME AS422E, 428E, 434E
3161079FRAME AS416E, 420E, 422E, 432E, 434E
9R7710FRAME AS416D, 420D, 424D, 428D, 432D, 438D

** Part number 2366954 is designed to accept the reinforced pin with 60mm diameter for maximum service life.

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.