2720759 – SEAL-PIP

2720759 – SEAL-PIP

The 2720759 SEAL-PIP, also referred to as the cylinder block cover seal, is a meticulously crafted component designed specifically for the C175-16 Marine Engine. Its precise engineering guarantees a tight, hermetic seal between the cover and the cylinder block, effectively preventing oil leaks and maintaining optimal engine performance.

Key Features:

  • Custom Design: Engineered with precision to fit seamlessly into the C175-16 Marine Engine, the 2720759 SEAL-PIP ensures a perfect seal between the cylinder block cover and the engine, eliminating the risk of oil leaks and associated performance issues.
  • Hermetic Seal: The seal’s tight and secure fit creates a hermetic barrier, preventing oil from escaping and maintaining proper lubrication within the engine. This contributes to consistent performance and longevity of critical engine components.
  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, the 2720759 SEAL-PIP is built to withstand the demanding conditions of marine applications, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliable sealing performance.


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Benefits of the 2720759 SEAL-PIP:

  • Oil Leak Prevention: Maintain a clean and efficient engine environment by preventing oil leaks, reducing maintenance and cleanup efforts.
  • Optimal Performance: Ensure that your C175-16 Marine Engine operates at its best with a tight and reliable seal provided by the 2720759 SEAL-PIP.
  • Longevity: The durable construction of the seal ensures prolonged service life, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated downtime.

Upgrade your C175-16 Marine Engine with the precision seal and reliable performance of the 2720759 SEAL-PIP. Experience peace of mind knowing that your engine is protected against oil leaks and operating at peak efficiency.



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