Job Description

  • Custom Broker
  • Full time
  • Miami, Fl 33166
  • FL
  • July 21, 2020
  • July 1, 2020
  • August 21, 2020

Job DescriptionThe Licensed Broker is responsible for preparing, compiling and managing all documentation and records required to clear goods through the United States Customs Service (USCS), including negotiating with, retaining and service as an intermediary between airlines, shipping companies, trucking companies, shippers, consignees, bonded and other warehouses and the USCS.

In addition, the knowledge of duty drawback with understanding of Trade Agreements, reconciliation, auditing, and knowledge of documents related to exportation, C.I., P/L, AWB, B/L in order to qualify for the drawback.

Essential Brokerage Knowledge:

1. Make U.S. Customs entries under U.S. Customs law for customers based on proper classifications

2. Ensure that entries are in compliance with U.S. Customs law

3. Ensure that all documents required by U.S. Customs regulations are correct and complete to include customer compliance

4. Utilize experience and knowledge of USCS rules and regulations to classify goods and determine applicable duty rates

5. Prepare and file with the USCS all documentation required for goods to clear customs and enter the U.S.

6. Thorough knowledge of all entry types including but not limited to – Formal, Informal, Warehouse Entry/Withdrawal, Carnets, TIB, IT, IE, T&E, etc.

7. Examine shipment documents to ensure accuracy of reporting requirements to USCS including but not limited to Entered Value, Country of Origin, Terms of Sale, SLAC count, etc.

8. Maintain up to date knowledge, including any needed continuing education, of the regulations and procedures of the USCS for the classification and entry of goods.

9. Maintain up to date knowledge of all regulations and procedures of the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Transportation and other state and federal agencies regarding the importation and transportation of goods, including hazardous materials, food and live animals.

10. Maintain and update customer/importers profiles.

11. Perform customer service duties with correspondence to customs and overseas partners, emails fax, etc.

12. Process ACH Statement payment to USCS.

13. Perform other duties as requested by management.

Duty Draw Back knowledge:

1. Knowledge of CBP and process of drawback application with US Customs and CBP

2. Candidate must have the ability to maintain excellent record Keeping for the Duty Draw back process

3. Ample knowledge of Import documentation CBP 7501, Commercial Invoice. Purchase Order, Bill of lading

4. Familiar with Manufacturing Bills of Material, waste records

5. Familiar with warehouse inventory record keeping for in and out of materials

6. Knowledge of Electronic Submissions via ACE-Goods declaration

7. Knowledge of Merchandise non-conforming rejected by the importer

8. Knowledge of process of Importing into USA with Reexporting

9. Knowledge of imported parts used without substantial transformation

10. Knowledge of Merchandise Processing Fees and duties, taxes

11. Knowledge of Trade Agreements


Education & Experience:

Must have current up to date Broker License

Must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in importing or freight forwarding business.

Must have basic training in ISO.

Must have a valid driver’s license.

Ability to use basic math skills to calculate duties and freight, storage and other charges.

Knowledge of Trade Agreements

Ample Knowledge of Export Documents such as commercial invoice, Packing list, awb, freight waybill, cargo manifest

Excellent follow up skills and auditing skills and reconciliation skills