Job Description

  • IT Network Manager
  • October 29, 2019
  • October 29, 2019
  • October 29, 2019

Job Summary

Following the guidelines given by the IT Director, this position is responsible for managing the technological network of the company, which includes: workstations, servers, printers, voice, data, and surveillance networks; and vendor specific hardware and software. In regards to this network, ensures its security, efficiency, reliability, maintenance and improvement. In addition, makes sure that company employees receive necessary assistance to use the company’s IT systems. Coordinates job tasks assigned to IT Network staff, and supervises them.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs analysis of network needs and contributes to design of network architecture, integration and installation.
  • Maintains network hardware and software, including physical and virtual servers, peripherals, network nodes, terminals, wiring, wireless access points.
  • Ensures that the computer system platform provides sufficient computing resources to deliver the desired level of business performance.
  • Coordinates with other departments in order to understand and meet their requirements.
  • Evaluates network hardware and software requirements and capabilities and makes recommendations.
  • Checks systems in order to optimize performance and to initiate earliest recovery action after system failures.
  • Establishes requirements for equipment replacement, according with Top Management indications.
  • Establishes and controls systems access and security, including antivirus, firewalls, email filtering services, two-factor authentication, vulnerability tests, or any similar protections.
  • Provides support to and trains users in IT network administration and usage.
  • Monitors and maintains network stability, collects and analyzes network and memory utilization, and installs and tests software upgrades.
  • Administration of Exchange for company’s email handling.
  • Manages computer operation scheduling, backup, storage and retrieval functions.
  • Coordinates third-party maintenance for network hardware, software and telecommunications services.
  • Develops or establishes strong relationships with service providers.
  • Negotiates and contracts with consultants, technical personnel and vendors for services and products, following the company’s guidelines for that task.
  • Prepares and maintains documentation of network configurations and cabling layouts.
  • Develops, maintains and tests disaster recovery plans.
  • Trains users in the operations of office productivity applications.
  • Monitor technologies spending appropriately.
  • Identify and prepare hardware for disposal when appropriate.

Job Type: Full-time