CTP Sprockets and Sprocket Segments –

CTP sprockets provide a high resistance and durability even under the toughest circumstances. They are of extraordinary quality due to the perfect combination of high quality cast steel and an advanced heat treatment technology.

Part No. Application
0959779 EL240B
0964327 E200B
0990219 E120B
1028134 315
1243296 345B
3T9152 215, 225
3T9153 215, 225, D4
3T9154 215
3041916 299D , 279C
4I7472 E311, E110B, E312
4V4106 D4D, D4E, 941, 941B
4V4107 D4D, D4E, 941, 941B
4V5374 951C
4V5376 951C
5H9107 D4, 955C
Part No. Application
5I9336 D9
5S4822 D5
6C3495 215B
6W2451 225-5
6Y1244 D3
6Y4898 325
6Y5685 330
7T1311 235
8E4686 375
8E6974 250
8E9805 E320
8Y0622 D3C
9C2646 225

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only