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A Message to our Customers,

We hope that you are all well and taking care of yourselves in these difficult times. In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are following and enforcing all CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines and recommendations regarding social distancing.

Our COVID-19 Response plan goes as follows:

  • Our janitorial team on site is practicing additional sanitation and cleanliness throughout our facilities. This includes but not limited to; cleaning of all air ducts weekly, door knobs/handles twice an hour, as well as thorough deep cleaning to the common areas in our facilities, multiple times a day.
  • Our showrooms and walk-up sales counter areas are currently closed, but our cashier counters remain open for local order pick up and are limited to two patrons at a time.
  • Our local customers, Miami and Dallas areas, you are welcome to use our online ordering system if you choose. Our system is up and running, and it is designed to withstand orders in large volumes, you may also call in and place your order over the phone if that is a more convenient option for you.
  • We are offering free delivery to our Miami customers in; Doral, Medley, and Miami International Airport areas, on orders over $100.00.
  • We have also added a curbside pick up option to our local customers in Miami and Dallas.
  • Our domestic and international customers, we are still taking and shipping orders as usual, but please note that in order to follow the social distancing guidelines, we are now running two separate shifts for our warehouse teams, and that might create a slight delay on certain orders.
  • We are working round the clock to minimize any delays in order fulfillment.
  • Our office hours remain 8:30AM – 5:00PM (EST).
  • Our office team has been reduced, those who can do so are now working from home.
  • All employees on site have been provided with Proper Protective Equipment.

We thank you in advance and will keep you informed on all new developments and will be here for whatever you may need.

Stay Well, Be Safe,

We are all in this together.

Team CTP


Delivering quality, reliability, and precision. CTP Camshafts are the superior choice when replacing the Camshaft on your machine.

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Available in a wide range of specs. CTP Linear Actuators are ideal and may be equipped with a variety of design options.

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Our composite bearings combine the excellent lubricating properties of filled PTFE with the high strength and stability of an oriented glass fiber wound structure.

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Backlash on gears is highly important when installing and adjusting a gear set. Another highly important factor is the contact between the mating gears. Technicians apply machinist blue dye onto several teeth on both gears, the gears are rotated preferably under load to wear off the dye to show the contact patterns. These contact patterns help to determine where adjustments to the gear set must be made.

CTP News

Here’s a very special message from our mascot, pertaining to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

CTP News

CTP would like to thank all the guests who visited us at Conexpo 2020. The show was a complete success and we are thankful for the recognition of CTP as a quality and trustworthy brand.

Part No. 3562439
For: 938K
Part No. 4452672
For: 854K, D11T
Part No. 1733503
For: 311B, 312B, 315B, 318B, 320B, 320C, 320D, 321B, 322B, 322C
Part No. 1997043
For: 914G, 924G, 924H, 928H, 930G
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